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How will your savings be eaten? To protect itself, Bitcoin attracts more than gold, according to Deutsche Bank

The king of cryptos superior to the king of metals? – Could Bitcoin (BTC) be seen more and more as a better safe haven than gold itself? In any case, this is what seems to think a CEO of Deutsche Bank.

Bitcoin, a “credible” asset preferred to gold metal?

According to the ZeroHedge site which reports the words of Jim Reid , head of the British branch of Deutsche Bank , Bitcoin is on the way to supplant gold in the hearts of some investors.

In an analysis of world markets, a week after the announcement of a possible vaccine against Covid-19, Jim Reid indeed notes a significant decorrelation between the price movements of precious metals and those of Bitcoin:

“One of the oddities [in the markets] has been the dramatic divergence between gold (-3.6%) and silver (-4.4%) on the one hand, and bitcoin (+13, 4%) on the other hand. Bitcoin rose another 3% overnight and appears to be building its own momentum. It has grown by over 70% over the past six weeks as more and more investors begin to see it as a credible asset to invest in ” .

The king of cryptos and the inflation debate

Observing this dissonance among these assets considered to be stores of value , Jim Reid even goes so far as to say that:

“There seems to be an increasing demand for the use of Bitcoin, where gold was previously used, to hedge against dollar risks like inflation and other things. “

Indeed, an ever growing number of billionaires consider the king of cryptos as an alternative to gold as a safe haven : Bill Miller , Stanley Druckenmiller , Ricardo Salinas Pliego , … And the list is not exhaustive!

Even if their degree of preference in gold or in Bitcoin may differ slightly, they are all unanimous in their fears regarding hyperinflation of the US dollar.

Given that many policies call for ever more economic interventionism, and therefore monetary printing, this tendency to mistrust (not to say mistrust) vis-à-vis fiat currencies is not ready to end. ‚reverse. While gold as a proven safe haven will certainly benefit, it looks like the new kid on the block – Bitcoin – is now seen as even more promising protection.