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7 high-tech ways to have fun on Halloween

We have prepared a selection of applications that are indispensable for Halloween. Here is how you can make the night before All Saints Day unforgettable with your smartphone.

1. Learning about the future Halloween is a magical night when the border separating us from the supernatural becomes particularly thin. Remember to ask the magic ball about your destiny – spirits know many things that are beyond our reach.

2. Do you really think that there are ghosts around here? According to the developers, the Ghost Radar app will help you detect a spirit or the presence of an extraneous entity. The sensor provides Bitcoin Billionaire in the form of radar or text and numeric indicators. Who are you gonna call? No one – you can do quite well yourself!

3. Hear voices from other worlds If you can’t see ghosts, you can try to hear them. The author of this app claims that it allows you to record sounds from a world of spirits that are otherwise inaccessible to the human ear.

4. Create an atmosphere A small phono of freezing blood sounds will never hurt. Especially on Halloween. Just download one of the themed apps and run it at the right time – make your neighbour happy, wandering home alone on a dark street.

5. Make a really creepy costume It’s amazing what effect a simple T-shirt with a hole in the right place and a secret iPhone pocket with the right app on it can have.

6. Show your creativity The app shop shelves are literally busting with programs that can add a ghost to your picture or make a ghost out of you. Choose which one you like – and go ahead!

7. Play a nice old atmospheric toy

Limbo is a classic. Even if you have played it 10 times already, Samhain is a great excuse to once again enjoy the inexpressible atmosphere of one of the best games in the genre.

We wish you a terrible Halloween!

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A French municipality will accept votes on blockchain for a road project

„The vote will be 100% secure,“ said Avosvotes CEO Florian Ribière.

The French municipality of Verneuil-sur-Seine is using blockchain technology to allow its inhabitants to vote on a consultation on a road project that has been planned for 50 years and involves three cities.

According to the official website of Verneuil-sur-Seine, from 1 to 8 October, the municipality and neighbouring villages of Vernouillet and Chapet enabled blockchain voting through the Avosvotes startup, based in the Yvelines region. Residents can express their opinions on a road linking the villages of Orgeval and Les Mureaux along the Seine, voting for or against the project.

The blockchain voting app verifies residents‘ identities, provides certificates stored on the Tezos blockchain as proof that votes were cast through smart contracts, and allows real-time monitoring of votes as they are collected. The Verneuil-sur-Seine website specifies that the consultation will take place simultaneously in the three municipalities, and all results will be counted independently.

„In Verneuil-sur-Seine, the decentralised and secure voting tests on the blockchain provided by the French Tezos researchers will ensure the legitimacy of the vote,“ commented Florian Ribière, CEO of Avosvotes. „The vote will therefore be 100% secure and each voter will be able to verify that his or her vote was considered during the digital count.

At the time of writing, the residents of the municipality, with a Bitcoin Compass population of around 16,000, cast 487 votes.

Although blockchain voting has been advertised as a solution to counter electoral fraud and cyber attacks, its implementations have not always been successful. In Italy, the blockchain vote in a 2017 election ended with additional costs and time to publish the results. However, in August, the organizers of the Michigan Democratic Party State Nominating Convention successfully used the blockchain Voatz voting platform to address the restrictive measures related to COVID-19.

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Bitcoin as a world reserve currency – just a matter of time?

In Bitcoin circles it is more and more common that BTC will replace the US dollar one day.

But does digital gold really have what it takes to become a world reserve currency?

The world reserve currency plays a unique role in the global financial system. It is the currency that almost every central and commercial bank holds as a reserve. One also speaks of a “safe haven” – simply because it is the most liquid and most stable currency of all. But: Bitcoin Era reviews are not forever. The half-life of fiat currencies is shorter than some think. To be more precise, it only takes an average of a stupid 27 years for a national currency to abdicate and be replaced by another. With reserve currencies like the US dollar (USD), things are only partially better.

Because much more than 110 years has not yet been possible for the dominant form of money. The US dollar is not immune to devaluation either.

Go on, there is nothing to see here

And devaluation is the keyword. Because one thing is certain: as long as states have a monopoly on the creation of money, there will be inflation. This is not surprising; after all, the monopoly on the creation of money is one of the foundations of statehood. With good reason. Devaluation makes debt-based public finance viable. Because if the value of the national currency decreases, the real debt of the creditor also decreases – and the largest creditor in an economy is still the state itself.

The Maastricht Treatytherefore expressly provides for the independence of the European Central Bank (ECB). This is to prevent incentives according to which states prefer to turn on the printing press instead of exercising fiscal discipline. Because that is unpopular and usually leads to redistributions (falling social spending, rising taxes, etc.).

But there is such a thing as the independence of the ECB. At least since Mario Draghi’s “whatever it takes”, it should also be clear to the last proponent of state money that monetary policy, financial stability and state financing go hand in hand. What was meant was the commitment to protect the euro through unconditional asset purchase programs. In plain language, it was clear to the European tax authorities that they had (via detours) found a buyer for bonds. Quantitative easing took its course.

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Understand why the reduction in the volume of Bitcoin futures trading can signal the beginning of a new uptrend

The volume and amount of open contracts in Bitcoin futures are steadily declining, but this may help to catalyze the next upswing

The future volume of Bitcoin ( BTC ) and open contracts are decreasing rapidly. Data shows that since September’s peak, BTC’s future volume has dropped 60%, from over $25 billion to about $10 billion.

Bitcoin Future Volume per Exchange (September)

While the decline in business activity may seem like a negative metric, it may also indicate that a bullish cycle is emerging.
Why the decline in futures market activity could drive the price of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin futures market represents the majority of the superb trades in the Bitcoin market and popular platforms like Binance, BitMEX and ByBit allow leverage of up to 125x.

3 reasons why CFTC action against BitMEX will not impact the price of Bitcoin

When traders are highly leveraged, they are vulnerable to settlement. For example, if a 10x long contract placed at $10,000 is liquidated at $9,000, it forces the buyer to sell the position in the market.

Assuming there are a large number of traders in similar positions, this increases selling pressure and can catalyze a large settlement in the Bitcoin price.

If the futures market opens interest and increases volume, this will put Bitcoin in a vulnerable position and increase the likelihood of cascading settlements, such as those seen during the infamous Black Thursday, when more than $1 billion in futures contracts were settled while the Bitcoin price plummeted to less than $3,600.

The drop in future volume can be perceived as a potentially high event, as normally a small price move can turn into a large price swing if mass settlements are triggered at a certain price level.

As such, the declining volume and amount of open futures contracts could prepare the ground for a stable and prolonged recovery.

Open interest and Bitcoin volume during high and low markets

CFTC accuses BitMex of illegally trading a derivatives exchange

During bullish markets, there are often several peaks of open contracts, but the market remains neutral for a prolonged period, allowing the spot volume to grow. As shown in the chart below, while the volume of the futures market fell, the spot volume increased slightly.

Spot Exchange Volumes

Exchange volumes in sight.

Although not shown on the chart, LMAX Digital, a Bitcoin cash handbag tailored for institutions, has recently overtaken Coinbase to become the largest cash handbag. Kyle Davies, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, explained :

„BTC is not a niche industry: 1) BTC has strong correlation with stocks and commodities, but you only trade crypto 2) LMAX is the largest BTC USD spot exchange, but you don’t have an account there 3) Entrants traded in $ billion that you’ve never heard of. ”

Considering the increase in institutional demand, the increase in cash volume and the reduction in the number of open futures contracts, the continuous trend can be considered upward.

What traders expect in the short term

In the short term, traders expect continued consolidation under the $11,000 resistance and this may extend the downward trend in volume in the future.

BitMex gives MIT developer incentive for Bitcoin scalability project

Edward Morra, a cryptomaniac broker, said that liquidity shows that Bitcoin is likely to face more parallel trading. He said :

„My current perspective, either the local top is on the rise or another peak to prevent stops. A lot of liquidity left below price. ”

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Le nombre d’adresses actives de Bitcoin SV augmente de 850% à plus d’un million avant la conférence de la BSV

Bitcoin SV (BSV : cryptocurrency created through a hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain), a vu les adresses et les transactions actives sur son réseau augmenter fortement ces derniers jours, ce qui a conduit à une conférence du BSV à New York.

Selon les données de BitInfoCharts, le nombre d’adresses BSV actives est passé de 110 000 le 28 septembre à plus de 1,05 million au moment de la presse, avant la conférence CoinGeek Live. La conférence, qui a débuté le 30 septembre et se poursuivra jusqu’au 2 octobre, est un événement essentiellement numérique qui met en vedette des orateurs éminents de la communauté BSV, dont le président de l’association Bitcoin, Jimmy Nguyen, et l’autoproclamé Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright.

La croissance de plus de 850 % des adresses actives en si peu de temps, remarquée pour la première fois par Cointelegraph, a fait sourciller les médias sociaux, certains commentateurs sarcastiques estimant qu’il s’agit d’une croissance organique légitime.

En particulier, avec l’augmentation, les adresses actives de BSV sont maintenant supérieures à celles de la monnaie phare de la cryptographie, le bitcoin (BTC), et de la deuxième monnaie de cryptographie par la capitalisation boursière Ethereum (RTH), dans un contexte de boom financier décentralisé qui a vu les frais de transaction de l’ETH augmenter et l’utilisation du réseau dépasser 97 %.

Les transactions sur le BSV ont également plus que doublé, passant de plus de 715 000 à plus de 1,75 million en 48 heures environ. Cette hausse coïncide avec une baisse de la valeur moyenne des transactions, ce qui laisse supposer qu’un plus grand nombre d’adresses envoient de petites transactions sur le réseau.

Il convient de souligner que la chaîne de blocage de la BSV a connu d’autres explosions d’activité inhabituelles. En juin, le nombre d’adresses actives a également atteint plus d’un million, tandis qu’en juillet, le nombre de transactions par jour a grimpé à 5,5 millions, avant de chuter brusquement peu après.

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ETH-prijsanalyse: Ethereum dat zwakheid toont tegen de stijgende Bitcoin, lagere doelen die binnenkomen?

  • Etherische stieren proberen momenteel de hoge prijs van 2019 te verdedigen tegen $364.
  • De cryptocurrency vormt een dalend driehoekspatroon op de 4HR-kaarten.
  • Tegen Bitcoin vertoont ETH een zwakte, aangezien het terugkeert naar de steun van september rond 0,0329 BTC.

ETH/USD – Etheruem Begint met het vormen van een Korte Termijn Aflopende Driehoek

Belangrijkste Support Levels: $364, $355, $336.
Belangrijkste weerstandsniveaus: $390, $400, $410.

Ethereum daalde van de $390 weerstand aan het begin van de week, maar de stieren hebben de hoge prijs van 2019 verdedigd op $364. De markt vormt nu een korte termijn dalend driehoekspatroon, wat te zien is op de volgende 4HR-grafiek:

Het toont de vloer van de driehoek op $355, en een pauze onder hier zou zien Ethereum rubriek terug naar de $324 steun.

ETH-USD Korte termijn prijsvoorspelling

Vooruitkijkend, als de verkopers breken onder de $364, ligt het eerste niveau van ondersteuning aan de ondergrens van de korte termijn dalende driehoek op $355. Onder dit, ligt de extra steun bij $336, $330 (100-dagen EMA), en $324 (.618 Fib Retracement). Dit wordt gevolgd door ondersteuning op $300.

Aan de andere kant ligt het eerste weerstandsniveau aan de bovengrens van de driehoek. Dit wordt gevolgd door weerstand op $390, $400, $410, en $420 (bearish .618 Fib Retracement).

De RSI zweeft rond de middellijn, wat aangeeft dat de markt op dit moment in een staat van besluiteloosheid verkeert.

ETH/BTC – Verkopers Duwen terug onder maart 2019 Steun

Belangrijkste ondersteuningsniveaus: 0,0329 BTC, 0,032 BTC, 0,0316 BTC.
Belangrijkste weerstandsniveaus: 0,034 BTC, 0,0347 BTC, 0,0361 BTC

Ethereum toont een verhoogde zwakte tegen Bitcoin nadat het eerder in de week bij 0,0371 BTC (bearish .618 Fib Retracement) uit de weerstand viel. De cryptocurrency viel gisteren met 0,0337 BTC in de steun van maart 2019 en is hier vandaag verder gedaald.

ETH-BTC Korte termijn prijsvoorspelling

Het eerste niveau van sterke ondersteuning ligt bij 0,0329 BTC (,5 Fib Retracement). Dit wordt gevolgd door een extra ondersteuning bij 0,032 BTC (downside 1,272 Fib Extension), 0,0316 BTC, en 0,0311 BTC (,618 Fib Retracement & 100-dagen EMA).

Aan de andere kant ligt het eerste weerstandsniveau bij 0,034 BTC. De toegevoegde weerstand ligt bij 0,0347 BTC, 0,0361 BTC (maart 2019 Highs), en 0,0371 BTC (bearish .618 Fib Retracement).

De RSI ligt ver onder de middellijn en valt, wat duidt op het monteren van een bearish momentum.

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Prova de que o debate de chaves ressurge após a vitória da Coinbase

O movimento Proof of Keys foi reacendido após a recente vitória legal da Coinbase sobre um antigo cliente
A Coinbase recusou-se a entregar as fichas Bitcoin Gold aos clientes no momento de sua criação, citando preocupações de segurança.

O caso destaca novamente que se você não possui suas chaves privadas, então você não possui realmente suas fichas, o princípio chave do movimento Prova de Chaves

A recente vitória legal da Coinbase contra o antigo cliente Darrell Archer destacou a importância de segurar seus próprios tokens em vez de correr o risco de trocas que o impedem de acessá-los. Archer processou a troca depois que eles retiveram as fichas Bitcoin Gold (BTG) que ele deveria ter feito após o projeto ter sido bifurcado da Bitcoin em 2017, mas sofreu uma eventual derrota na semana passada em uma audiência de apelação.

A decisão reafirmou o trabalho do movimento Proof of Keys, que enfatiza o mantra de que se você não possui suas próprias chaves privadas, você não possui realmente suas moedas.

Base de Moedas Retém o BTG do Archer

Archer levou a Coinbase à corte em 2018, depois de recusar-se a honrar as 350 fichas BTG que Archer devia como parte de sua criação. Archer estava segurando ₿350 Bitcoin na troca quando o Bitcoin Gold foi bifurcado do Bitcoin em outubro de 2017.

Isto lhe deu direito a 350 fichas BTG, mas a Coinbase se encarregou de restringir a todos os detentores de fichas Bitcoin de receberem as fichas devido ao que eles perceberam como um „grande risco de segurança“ – os desenvolvedores da Bitcoin Gold não haviam liberado o código para o público.

Archer processou, alegando uma quebra de contrato, mas a troca saiu vitoriosa na semana passada quando um tribunal de apelação decidiu que a Coinbase não havia falhado em seu dever para com ele, recusando-lhe o acesso às fichas BTG.

Como prova de Keys os defensores lhe diriam, se Archer tivesse segurado suas moedas fora da troca e em sua própria carteira pessoal sua BTG teria sido imediatamente creditada a ele para segurar ou negociar em trocas apoiadas, como ele desejava.

Comprovante do Movimento das Chaves Reencontradas

O fiasco é um lembrete do trabalho que está sendo feito por aqueles por trás do movimento Prova de Chaves, que tentam educar os novos participantes no espaço sobre os riscos de deixar suas moedas nas trocas com seu mantra – não suas chaves, não suas moedas.

Muitas pessoas entram no mundo das moedas criptográficas através de trocas e não pensam duas vezes em deixá-las lá. Afinal, eles provavelmente não conhecem as carteiras de hardware e o movimento Prova de Chaves, e vêem as trocas como uma forma segura e conveniente de armazenar suas moedas.

Entretanto, como o Coinbase v Archer demonstrou, aqueles que deixam suas moedas nas trocas estão no capricho dos operadores de troca, que podem, ao que parece, reter moedas a que os usuários têm direito por qualquer número de razões.

A experiência de Archer define o que é o movimento Prova de Chaves. O movimento tem até mesmo um dia atribuído a ele – 3 de janeiro – onde os apoiadores se esforçam para espalhar o evangelho de manter suas próprias moedas na carteira. Em Archer, eles podem ter encontrado uma criança de cartaz para 2021.

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CEX.IO per offrire un servizio di prestito con supporto di crittografia istantanea in 217 paesi e territori

CEX.IO, una delle più grandi borse internazionali nel mercato della crittovaluta, lancerà a settembre un servizio di prestito digitale assistito da attivi. Disponibile in 217 paesi e territori – tra cui Australia, Regno Unito, Unione Europea e la maggior parte delle nazioni dell’Asia – CEX.IO LOAN consentirà a vari partecipanti al mercato delle valute criptate di prendere in prestito fondi a fronte delle loro attività digitali in pochi minuti e senza controlli di credito.

Nell’ambito di un servizio di prestito flessibile

Nell’ambito di un servizio di prestito flessibile, i clienti di CEX.IO possono decidere la durata e l’entità di un prestito che sottoscrivono. La durata del prestito varia da una settimana a un anno, mentre i clienti di CEX.IO possono prendere in prestito qualsiasi importo compreso tra 500 e 500.000 dollari. I prestiti di durata maggiore e più lunga godranno di tassi d’interesse più bassi.

Il servizio sarà facilitato da un pool di liquidità multimilionario, una parte significativa del quale è già stata impegnata da CEX.IO e dai suoi partner.

Per prendere in prestito i fondi, gli utenti devono prima depositare la valuta criptata, che serve come garanzia per un prestito, sui loro conti. Attualmente, gli utenti di CEX.IO LOAN possono prendere in prestito fondi contro le loro partecipazioni Bitcoin Code ed Ethereum (ETH), con un rapporto Prestito/Valore (LTV) del 50%. I clienti registrati e verificati ricevono i prestiti istantaneamente. I nuovi clienti dovranno aprire un conto presso CEX.IO e completare una procedura KYC prima di inviare una richiesta di prestito.

Il prestito USD o EUR emesso con successo viene accreditato

Il prestito USD o EUR emesso con successo viene accreditato sul conto utente del mutuatario. Il mutuatario può quindi prelevare i fondi su una carta o un conto bancario o utilizzare il denaro per scambiare valuta criptata sulla piattaforma. Dopo il rimborso completo degli interessi e del capitale del prestito, CEX.IO rilascia automaticamente la garanzia del bene digitale al mutuatario.

I prestiti garantiti da attività digitali forniscono casi d’uso per più partecipanti al mercato della criptovaluta. Prendere in prestito il fiat contro i beni digitali, invece di vendere questi beni, diventa un’alternativa pratica per coloro che hanno bisogno di capitale extra. Un prestito fornisce i fondi necessari senza dover rinunciare a un potenziale vantaggio rispetto all’apprezzamento della crittovaluta. Per i trader e gli investitori, questa iniezione di liquidità può alimentare un’attività di mercato ininterrotta. Per le start-up e gli imprenditori individuali, un prestito può coprire le spese operative e di crescita.

„I nostri clienti sono un gruppo vivace e diversificato di partecipanti al mercato, le cui esigenze si evolvono con l’industria. Aspiriamo a fornire ai nostri clienti un capitale che li aiuti a cogliere le opportunità che si presentano“. I nostri prestiti offrono quella spinta in più di cui hanno bisogno gli operatori, gli investitori, le startup e gli imprenditori in generale, mentre possono ancora beneficiare del potenziale apprezzamento dei beni che possiedono“, ha dichiarato Anton Chashchin, Direttore Commerciale del servizio CEX.IO LOAN.


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Bitcoin zdobywa dyplom jako bezrobotny psychiatra w Stanach Zjednoczonych.

Po tygodniach osiągania nowych rekordów, zarówno bitcoin i złoto wróciły trochę po tym, jak pojawiły się wiadomości, że Stany Zjednoczone radzą sobie lepiej w dziale zatrudnienia niż pierwotnie przewidywano.

Bitcoin robi kilka kroków do tyłu
Czasami trzeba coś oddać, aby uzyskać jakiś pozytywny rezultat, a w przypadku środków do życia i stabilności finansowej ludzi, co może być ważniejsze? Przy tak wielu ludziach nieobecnych w pracy z powodu rosnącej pandemii koronaawirusów, zarówno BTC, jak i złoto wycofujące kilkaset dolarów dzięki większej liczbie ludzi lądujących na nogach jest czymś w rodzaju kompromisu, ale i tak jest to mocny wynik.

Bitcoin obecnie handluje za nieco ponad 11,500 dolarów, co oznacza, że w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin spadł o około 300 dolarów. Złoto spadło jeszcze bardziej. Metal szlachetny jest obecnie notowany na nieco ponad 2.000 dolarów i spadł z blisko 2.100 dolarów wysokości, której doświadczył na początku tego tygodnia.

Dobrą wiadomością jest to, że sektor pozarolniczy Departamentu Pracy USA sugeruje, że aż 1,7 do 1,8 mln nowych miejsc pracy zostało dodanych w lipcu. W momencie pisania raportu spodziewano się tylko 1,6 mln, co oznacza, że Stany Zjednoczone wracają do normy znacznie szybciej niż przewidywali analitycy, a biorąc pod uwagę, że więcej ludzi doświadcza skoków w poziomie zamożności i ogólnej stabilności, cena, jaką płacą, jest prawdopodobnie warta zachodu.

Edward Moya – starszy analityk rynku w firmie OANDA – stwierdził w jednym z wywiadów:

Raport o wynagrodzeniach pozarolniczych potwierdził, że dane ekonomiczne są niepokojące i że trzeci kwartał odbicia wszystkich oczekiwanych nie ma miejsca. Rynek pracy nie pogorszył się, a ryzykowne aktywa wraz z dolarem początkowo wzrosły po niespodziewanym wzroście płac. Wielu handlowców spodziewało się ewentualnego negatywnego odbicia, ale ten pesymizm przeniesie się dopiero w przyszłym miesiącu, ponieważ raport ten będzie zawierał znaczną część spowolnienia, które wynikało z odradzania się wirusa w stanach drugiej fali.

Więcej ludzi wydaje się pracować
Pomimo dobrych wieści, bezrobocie w Stanach Zjednoczonych nadal przekracza dziesięć procent, choć nadal jest znacznie większe niż przewidywane 20 procent, które zostało zgłoszone podczas pierwszego skoku wirusa. Sugeruje to, że około połowie bezrobotnych w kraju udało się w ciągu ostatnich miesięcy znaleźć nowe miejsca pracy.

Poza tym, mamy też sporo do czynienia z dalszą odpornością od takich gatunków jak bitcoin i złoto. Bitcoin Future spadła tylko o kilkaset dolarów w następstwie tej wiadomości, co oznacza, że jej cierpienie jest stosunkowo niewielkie. Wreszcie, zawsze dobrze jest słyszeć, że dolar się zbiera. Podczas gdy spadki w USD ostatecznie pomagają Bitcoinowi dalej rosnąć, dolar jest nadal powszechnie stosowaną formą fiata na całym świecie, a jego niestabilność może oznaczać dalsze problemy ekonomiczne dla USA i za granicą.

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Ethereum domineert Bitcoin op deze crypto-uitwisseling

CEX is nauwelijks de grootste crypto-uitwisseling ter wereld. Maar de CEO zegt dat Ethereum de motor is van de groei.
In het kort

  • CEX.IO heeft voor ETH een piek in de koppelingen gemeld, waarbij de handel de afgelopen week een aantal keren is toegenomen.
  • Mensen deponeren BTC op de beurzen en trekken ETH terug, wat wijst op een toegenomen vraag naar het kopen van ETH.
  • De dominantie van Bitcoin in de marktkapitalisatie is sinds de halvering aan het verzwakken.

Het Alt-seizoen, waar kleinere munten in opmars zijn, is weer onder ons – ook al is het enigszins ingeperkt.

Sinds 20 juli heeft crypto-ruil CEX.IO een piek gemeld in het aantal paringen voor Ethereum (ETH). In juni bedroeg het aantal ETH-pairings iets minder dan de helft van het volume, waarbij de Bitcoin/US-dollar-pairing het leeuwendeel van de transacties uitmaakte, oftewel 40% van het totale volume van de beurs.

Maar na de opkomst van DeFi, of gedecentraliseerde financiële producten die deze maand 2 miljoen dollar aan het marktplafond hebben toegevoegd in ongeveer twee weken, is Bitcoin niet langer een tophond. In de afgelopen dagen bedroeg Bitcoin slechts 20% van de transacties op CEX.IO, wat betekent dat het met 50% is afgenomen.

De handel in andere paringen daarentegen is sterk toegenomen en vormde 80% van de transacties in de afgelopen week. ETH-koppelingen alleen al stegen met drie keer zo veel op de beurs. „Het is veilig om te zeggen dat ETH nu de motor is van de groei van de cryptocurrency markt,“ zei Dmytro Volkov, CTO van CEX.IO.

Ethereum heeft een boost gekregen in de aandacht, en in de prijs, als gevolg van de DeFi boom van 2020. De beste DeFi-protocollen, Compound, Maker en Aave, leven op Ethereum. En hun bijbehorende op ethereum gebaseerde penningen zijn de afgelopen maanden van de grond gekomen sinds de introductie van de ‚yield farming‘, waarbij de leenprotocollen gebruik maken van platform-specifieke stimulansen om de winst op te drijven.

Op CEX zei Volkov dat het „evenwicht tussen de stortingen en opnames van BTC en ETH […] bewaard is gebleven“. Hij heeft echter gemerkt dat mensen Bitcoin Revolution in de beurs stoppen en ETH opnemen. „Dit duidt op een verhoogde vraag naar ETH of actieve arbitragestrategieën van handelaren,“ zei hij.

CEX is slechts een kleine beurs. Volgens CoinGecko wordt er elke dag ongeveer 30 miljoen dollar verhandeld. Ter vergelijking, de marktleider in volume, Binance, verhandelt ongeveer $5 miljard. Het is echter de moeite waard om op te merken dat CEX slechts één van de 13 cryptobeurzen is die analytische firma Coin Metrics gisteren heeft opgenomen in haar lijst van betrouwbare handelsplatformen in termen van volumegegevens.

En hetzelfde verhaal speelt zich elders af. Volgens gegevens van de metricsite CoinMarketCap is de dominantie van Bitcoin in de marktkapitalisatie sinds mei, rond de tijd van de halvering, afgenomen, toen de blokbeloning in tweeën werd gesneden.

Destijds was Bitcoin goed voor ongeveer 67% van de gehele crypto-marktkapitalisatie, terwijl Ethereum goed was voor 8,67%. Nu maakt Bitcoin ongeveer 61-62% van de crypto-marktcap uit, terwijl Ethereum 11% voor zijn rekening neemt.

De ETH-piek heeft sinds het begin van de maand een extra $60 miljard op de crypto-marktcap gezet. De volledige crypto-markt GLB is nu $328 miljard, veel hoger dan het in Februari, de maand voorafgaand aan de COVID-geïnspireerdee neerstorting was.

Nog, is de crypto-markt GLB een fractie van wat het bij de boom van 2017, rond $830 miljard was.