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7 high-tech ways to have fun on Halloween

We have prepared a selection of applications that are indispensable for Halloween. Here is how you can make the night before All Saints Day unforgettable with your smartphone.

1. Learning about the future Halloween is a magical night when the border separating us from the supernatural becomes particularly thin. Remember to ask the magic ball about your destiny – spirits know many things that are beyond our reach.

2. Do you really think that there are ghosts around here? According to the developers, the Ghost Radar app will help you detect a spirit or the presence of an extraneous entity. The sensor provides Bitcoin Billionaire in the form of radar or text and numeric indicators. Who are you gonna call? No one – you can do quite well yourself!

3. Hear voices from other worlds If you can’t see ghosts, you can try to hear them. The author of this app claims that it allows you to record sounds from a world of spirits that are otherwise inaccessible to the human ear.

4. Create an atmosphere A small phono of freezing blood sounds will never hurt. Especially on Halloween. Just download one of the themed apps and run it at the right time – make your neighbour happy, wandering home alone on a dark street.

5. Make a really creepy costume It’s amazing what effect a simple T-shirt with a hole in the right place and a secret iPhone pocket with the right app on it can have.

6. Show your creativity The app shop shelves are literally busting with programs that can add a ghost to your picture or make a ghost out of you. Choose which one you like – and go ahead!

7. Play a nice old atmospheric toy

Limbo is a classic. Even if you have played it 10 times already, Samhain is a great excuse to once again enjoy the inexpressible atmosphere of one of the best games in the genre.

We wish you a terrible Halloween!